Water Tank Cleaning

People in Dubai do not have the benefit of getting water directly to the tap. Since the water is scarce, it is first stored in water tanks and then supplied to people’s houses. Although it may seem like a good idea, in the process of storing water in tanks it gets contaminated and the quality of water is affected. This water tank cleaning in Dubai is essential to maintain purity in water and make sure it is free of bacteria. A water tank can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, but with regular cleaning, you will be able to ensure the water is free of contaminants and safe to consume.

Water tank cleaning is not only a necessary thing to keep in mind, but it is recommended by Dubai Municipality as well. They recommend cleaning the water tank once every six months. They only suggest timely cleaning, but there are no rules as to who should do it. However, you will find only a handful of companies and experts who offer the best water tank cleaning in Dubai. Since this is the water we consume in our daily lives, we must ensure maximum purity. Thus, taking help from a professional company is essential.


Water Tank Cleaning


Molto Care — Your One-Stop Solution To Water Tank Cleaning

At Molto Care, we offer a wide range of water tank cleaning services to our clients, and you can enlist the help of our professional team for your varying requirements. Our team will take care of deep cleaning and disinfection to ensure there is no bacteria build-up. After the cleansing process, the whole tank is disinfected to ensure none of the harmful chemicals are transferred into the water. With our comprehensive water tank cleaning in Dubai, you will have a clean tank where you can store water for a long time.

All of our experts and team members are certified and trained. They use a tried and tested process to ensure maximum satisfaction. Our water tank cleaning treatments are approved by the Dubai Municipality. Thus, you will have a professional team on your side overseeing the cleaning treatment. We use chemicals and products that comply with the Dubai Municipality. At Molto Care, we follow all standards and regulations and ensure you get the most out of the cleaning service.

We are among the most trusted companies offering water tank cleaning in Dubai. Our process includes an automatic sludge pump to eliminate thick mud and build-up from the tank and proper chlorination to remove the fungus from tank walls. Our team will ensure that your tank is crystal clean and disinfected so you will get a supply of clean and germ-free water.


Water Tank Cleaning Service


The Best Water Cleaning Service in Dubai

A clean water tank is your first step to leading a happy and healthy life. The services offered at Molto Care are effective, and ensure deep cleaning of your water tank. With our services, you will be able to get a clean water supply across all water taps and connections. We understand that every tank is different, and the cleaning process will depend on your usage. This is why we offer personalized services.

Our team will first look at the tank to review it. Once we assess the requirements we will get right to the job. All of our team members wear protective gear to maintain the purity of your water tank. Our water tank cleaning in Dubai starts with draining the tank and removing all the residue that has built up over time. Our team is experienced and has access to the best equipment for this task.

After removing the residue, we will disinfect your tank to make sure all bacteria are killed. Then, the tank will be scrubbed and dried before we refill it with fresh water. Our professionals will ensure that after the job your tank is completely clean and free of dust.

At Molto Care, we understand the urgency of the situation. This is why you can book an appointment and our professionals will arrive at your place almost instantly. Since the process can be a hassle for some people, you can also do a booking and our team will visit at the time you want.

We aim to make the process easier for you. Our flexible appointment scheduling will allow you to decide a time and save yourself the hassle of living with no water. We offer the best water tank cleaning in Dubai, and with our help, you can ensure the proper cleanliness of your tanks to ensure a healthy life for yourself and your loved ones.

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