All our technicians go through temperature checks before each service


AC Maintenance and Annual Contracts

moltocare also provides… routine AC maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts (“AMCs”) which improve the effectiveness and efficiency of air conditioning systems for private and corporate sectors. We realize in our region, where the climate is predominantly hot and humid, we can’t afford to have any breakdowns or lack of cooling for our AC systems.

We need to ensure our Air Conditioning systems are regularly serviced which helps to:

  • Maintain the cool temperature of your indoor surrounding
  • Avoid breakdowns of your AC system
  • Lower utility costs by optimizing energy consumption
  • Extend the life of your AC system

Annual AMCs:

We provide AMCs for Residential and Corporate clients and it includes the following:

  • Two Major Services: Dismantling the components of the AC system and cleaning them remotely
  • Two minor services: Cleaning the filters, maintaining the cool temperature by re-filling gas if needed
  • On Call for any ad-hoc installations and repairs
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