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The moltocare family consists of AC disinfection and HVAC cleaning professionals experienced in the industry to serve as your team and provide you with a professional, timely and personalized experience. We believe the most treasured indoor space for you is your home. This is where most of your quality time is spent, with the most important people in your life. We also acknowledge that the second most important indoor space, where the bulk of your day is spent, is likely to be your office. This is where your most productive energies are required.
All our technicians are highly skilled, certified and intensively trained before being deployed on any service. We comply with strict standards and regulatory requirements to ensure a quality standard is maintained. Our Team is multi-lingual to help ensure a seamless, comfortable and pleasant interaction.
The Team Supervisors and Operations Manager supervise the operations of the work on site to guarantee a quality standard and to ensure your satisfaction.
We are always on the lookout to recruit talented people to join the moltocare family, especially for those who can help us provide you with an exceptional service and who can play an active part in driving moltocare forward towards excellence.
We are very receptive to open solicitations, if you know of someone who may be interested, please send his or her resume to: hr@moltocare.ae

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Office 17, Awazel Building,

Manama Street, Ras Al Khor 2,

Dubai UAE

Call Us +971 4 88 10 811

Email: info@moltocare.ae


Opening hours: 8:30am-7:30 pm,

Saturday to Thursday.

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