Bio Disinfection Service

An important step in the process for achieving improved indoor air quality, which is complementary to Deep AC Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning, is bio-disinfection services. It is key to understand the distinction between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting:

  • Cleaning any surface will remove dust, dirt or debris visible to the naked eye
  • Sanitizing any surface will free it of most contaminants. It will effectively reduce the existence and possible multiplication of bacteria to relatively safe levels, but does not always eliminate viruses
  • Disinfecting any surface will eliminate all micro organisms, infectious agents and pathogens.

Material We Use

Our bio disinfection service employs a sophisticated patented technology, Nocolyse, developed in France that is 99.9% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, leaving no residue and eradicating germ resistance & allergies. This patented dispersion technology disinfects all hard surfaces achieving 99.9999% reduction of infectious organisms and is currently in use by more than 130 healthcare establishments across Europe. More importantly, it disinfects in an environmentally- friendly manner; with the active ingredient converting into oxygen and water. It is non-allergic and safe for human exposure.

  • Nocolyse liquid transforms into a dry fog
  • Uniform disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic areas, without corroding or oxidizing
  • Eradicates all types of microbes including H1N1, TB, sp
  • ores, fungi amongst others
  • Nocodor eradicates all kinds of organic and non-organic odors, including tobacco, food and pets
  • Daily preventive action reduces the risk of infection to a minimum, by progressively eliminating the biofilm, without creating any form of germ resistance
  • Human admission is permitted after approximately 20 minutes
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