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What is Bio Disinfection Service?

Disinfection helps in destroying most disease-causing germs that remain on the surface and do not go away with mere cleaning. Bio Disinfection not only cleans surface areas but it also kills all microorganisms, infectious agents and pathogens using safe and eco-friendly measures. Disinfectants are one of three groups of antimicrobials registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for public health uses. EPA regards “an antimicrobial to be a disinfectant when it destroys or irreversibly inactivates infectious or other undesirable organisms, but not necessarily their spores.” EPA registers three types of disinfectant products: limited, general or broad-spectrum, and hospital disinfectant. We at Moltocare are a certified disinfection company and will provide your space with clean as well as healthy indoor air quality through our Bio Disinfection Service. We not only specialize in this service but also serve you an eco-friendly manner. At Moltocare, we employ a chemical-free French Disinfection technology that is used in the healthcare industry, to eradicate dust, fungi and allergens and replenish healthy, breathable air for your indoor environment.

Why Choose Bio Disinfection?

  • We are in constant contact with the surfaces of our home and workspace, the bacteria and viruses can be left on our skin, causing various diseases. Thus, it makes disinfection of surfaces significant.
  • The COVID Crisis has made disinfection a vital part of our lifestyle. Still, it is imperative to consider Bio Disinfection because prolonged exposure to certain kind of chemicals can be harmful.
  • Only cleaning and sanitizing your home or workspace will not give you the best indoor air quality. Bio Disinfection takes it one step further and kills microorganisms, bacteria, fungus, mould, viruses, pathogens and other infectious germs which are not visible to the naked eye.

Why Choose Moltocare for Bio Disinfection Services?

Dealing with disinfectants require caution and our professionals come with immense experience when it comes to the Bio Disinfection Services that kill bacteria and microorganisms. The process can be tedious but can also is performed effectively. With our skilled professionals and the resources of a chemical-free French Disinfection Technology, we provide you with the pre-eminent Bio Disinfection Service. We use a French Disinfection technology, Nocospray-Nocolyse system, manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/13485 standards, that can reach and eradicate Biofilms across any surface area

  • Our disinfection material, Nocolyse, is 99.9% biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Our technicians undergo intensive training annually
  • Our team have a combined experience of over ten years in deep AC system and duct cleaning and disinfection services
  • We are certified by Qualified Air Duct Cleaners Affiliation (QUADCA) and a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
  • We employ a two-pronged approach of ensuring quality standard: a team leader supervises the job execution during the service, along with the operations manager doing the final review post service
  • We provide third party liability insurance coverage and workmen’s compensation coverage

Benefits of Bio Disinfection

-Improves the health and wellbeing of you and your family

Bio Disinfection kills germs that are not visible to the naked eye; this prevents various diseases thereby improving your wellbeing

-Helps reduce symptoms like headaches, fatigue and allergy symptoms including itchiness, coughing, sneezing & watery or red eyes

Bio Disinfection kills germs like microorganisms, bacteria and fungi, which cause various allergy symptoms and cannot be killed by just cleaning the surface.

-Improves Indoor Air Quality of your home & work environment with purer breathable air

Disinfection improves indoor air quality leaving you with fresh and pure air which benefits your health.

-Helps avoid conditions such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Conjunctivitis, Sinusitis & Eczema

By Disinfecting your work environment or your home, you are breathing fresh air which reduces the chances of various airborne diseases. 99.9% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive- leaves no residue and eradicates germ resistance & allergies. Disinfects in an environmentally-friendly manner; with the active ingredient converting into oxygen and water. Non-allergic and safe for human exposure.

About Moltocare Bio Disinfection Service

Our bio disinfection service employs a sophisticated patented technology, Nocolyse. Nocolyse was developed in France that is 99.9% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, leaving no residue and eradicating germ resistance & allergies. This patented dispersion technology disinfects all hard surfaces achieving 99.9999% reduction of infectious organisms and is currently in use by more than 130 healthcare establishments across Europe. More importantly, it disinfects in an environmentally- friendly manner; with the active ingredient converting into oxygen and water. It is non-allergic and safe for human exposure.

The process-

  • Nocolyse liquid transforms into a dry fog
  • Uniform disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic areas, without corroding or oxidizing
  • Eradicates all types of microbes including H1N1, TB, spores, fungi amongst others
  • Nocodor destroys all kinds of organic and non-organic odours, including tobacco, food and pets
  • Daily preventive action reduces the risk of infection to a minimum, by progressively eliminating the biofilm, without creating any form of germ resistance
  • Human admission is permitted after approximately 20 minutes

Our Scope of Work

1. Assemble: Assemble involves the unloading of equipment, moving and safekeeping of valuable/delicate furniture and covering of floor and furniture where required. 

2. Clean:  Cleaning begins for

  • Evaporator Coils
  • Blower
  • Drainage Trays & Pipes
  • Filters
  • Air Ducts
  • Living Space Areas

3. Disinfect: Disinfection process by dry mist fogging for:

  • Cooling units
  • Air Duct system
  • Living Space Areas

4. Restore: Restoring ceiling panels and grills. Removal of protection covers and cleaning of all work affected areas. These simple four steps complete our Bio Disinfection service to make your home or work environment a safer and healthier place.

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