While UAE labor law states that employers must provide clean, safe working environments for all their employees, hardly any consider the negative impact of indoor air quality. Poor air quality, often a result of unclean AC Ducts, within your offices can often lead to an increase in minor illnesses, affecting productivity levels and business operations. 

Worsened by polarizing Dubai temperatures inside and outside the office, a recent study lists minor illnesses such as cold, cough and the flu as one of the most common causes of sick leave. While little can be done to control the climate outside, employers can ensure air quality within their offices is healthy and stimulating to productivity. To begin, a thorough inspection of ducts and AC systems is required, especially if they have not been cleaned before. 

Moltocare, Dubai provides a complimentary assessment of your current air conditioning systems. Our post-inspection report ascertains the levels of deep cleaning required with service recommendations such as AC Cleaning service, Duct Cleaning, AC disinfection and future care. 

To book a complimentary assessment of your office AC systems and other services such as AC Duct Cleaning, call Moltocare Dubai on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811, or email us at info@moltocare.ae

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