We are what we breathe

We are what we breathe

It’s (a version of) a cliché for a reason!

Efficient units within one’s home can make or break the overall air quality and its consequences. We’ve previously explained the importance of healthy air quality and the impact it can have on your homes, schools and office spaces. 

The bigger picture: 

Collectively tons of CO2 is released into the Earth’s atmosphere annually (that’s a whole lot!) thanks to the tremendous energy utilized to successfully run air conditioning units. But we promise there’s a silver lining and here it is; over the past decade, manufacturers have remained laser focused on using substances like natural gas in the process thereby reducing the mercury emissions from electric units to help stabilize the particles in the air. 

Much like that, an air conditioning unit within your home, school or otherwise, emits moisture and condensation in the process which may produce microorganisms within the system as explained below:

  1. Debris: Fragments and particles released through the unit will clog your airflow and eventually tamper with the performance of the air filter
  2. Air pressure: In the case of an air leakage within the house (or the unit. Remember – regular AC service and AC maintenance is important!), the unit would work twice as hard to cool the space. That’s negative air pressure
  3. Humidity: (And we’re blessed with it here in the warmer months) Maintain moisture levels within the house so the house remains cool without making the unit work that much harder  

Luckily, at Moltocare, we care about I(A)Q – your indoor air quality! Here are a few tips to get your IAQ at optimum levels:

  1. Wrap it up: Bearing in mind the previously mentioned air leakage around the house, make sure the house is well sealed while the air conditioner cools the space
  2. Dehumidify: Extra moisture, extra humidity in the air contributes to the lack of efficiency by your unit. Install a dehumidifier so your IAQ can be maintained at a recommended 30%-50%
  3. Clean the filter: Clean or replace your air filter in order to ensure proper air flow through the room and provide the safest breathing air possible. AC vent cleaning and duct cleaning is crucial to ensure consistent and healthy air flow through the space
  4. Don’t let it drip: Air conditioning units have a drip pan that store water released by the unit during its performance. It’s important to clean out the drip pan in order to avoid mold building up or excess water that could cause leakage 

These doable, simple tips are easily implementable and some do spruce up the space! Dehumidifiers, houseplants, clean floors are just the beginning to help beautify the space as well as allow healthy air quality for your loved ones. Local home décor brands are offering discounts this Ramadan on houseplants and decorative humidifier pieces – dual purpose, we think! 

For more air conditioning maintenance and repair tips, interior suggestions (come on, the houseplants were a good idea!) or to book your service with Moltocare, give us a call on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811 or write to us on info@moltocare.ae and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

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