Let’s Quarantine & Chill?

Quite literally. We’re talking about your cooling unit. 

We have all been given the gift of time; to relax with our loved ones, with our books, Netflix watchlist and more while being able to spend some quality ‘me’ time too. Much like our families and ourselves require some TLC at this time, we are here to remind you that your home needs some love and attending to as well. 

The United Arab Emirates government has now taken significant measures to increase safety of residents during this time, aimed at combating the novel coronavirus which has become a global pandemic. They are shutting down public spaces and urging residents to stay at home. As opposed to venturing outside the house, we are urging everyone to #StayHome because we can help you remotely. 

We can use this time to get busy cleaning and repairing our most ignored but overused appliances. Warmer months are just around the corner and we are happy to report that there are quick fixes that will help ensure optimal performance of your air conditioning unit.

With your safety and problematic preventive measures in mind, we have collated a list of DIY repair tips (with catchy headlines to help you remember) for your Quarantine & Chill weeks to help you troubleshoot independently as everyone is advised to #StayHome: 

  • Take A Break, Check The Breaker: Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Calling the handyman over because the unit won’t turn on, only to watch them flip the breaker switch back on. Check the breaker first!
  • Cleaning Spree, Find The Debris: If you have been following our content, you know we are huge advocates of a clean unit for better airflow and healthy air quality. Make sure you turn the breaker off when you give the unit a thorough cleaning
  • The Window No-No: If the unit seems to be emitting warm air or not cooling at all, check your windows. An open window or door might be distributing the airflow incorrectly, thereby negating the ‘chill’ you were looking forward to
  • Ice Isn’t Nice: Another reason why you would be experiencing warmer air from your unit could be the potential ice build-up. You can melt it by either turning off the unit and allowing the ice to melt or if you are hard pressed for some cooler air, ensure the system is turned off and keep the fan on, expediting the melting 
  • Format That Thermostat: Make sure you have a programmable thermostat within the house that sets varied temperatures at different timings through the day. This allows you the opportunity to automatically schedule a lower temperature in order to avoid extensive electricity bills and manage your cooling 

For more home repair tips, DIY suggestions and access to our plethora of home care remedies, keep in touch during this period (we’re isolated too, remember?). Give us a call on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811 or write to us on info@moltocare.ae and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

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