Why water tank cleaning is essential?

It is crucial to do routine examinations of your water tanks to check whether they are clear of germs and mildew. Professional water tank cleaning is crucial for maintaining water hygiene, as it removes pollutants and ensures that the tank is toxin-free, safe, and in compliance with regulations.

water tank cleaning services in dubai


The way to clean a water storage tank depends on its size, type, and how complicated it is. Experts normally begin the cleaning procedure with a thorough evaluation of the water tank and the surrounding region in order to formulate a clear and complete cleaning strategy. 

Domestic and commercial water tank cleaning entails draining the current water and removing any bacteria or impurities that accumulated within the water tank. The professionals then utilize the most advanced disinfection processes, procedures, and Dubai Municipality-approved chemicals to guarantee that the tanks are thoroughly cleansed. After removing the mould, sandblasting the tanks, and scrubbing the walls, the area is cleaned, often using DM-approved disinfectants.

During water tank cleaning, the specialists operate swiftly and effectively at a time that is suitable for everyone so as to cause the least amount of interruption possible.


Water tanks should be routinely examined. For commercial organisations, municipal regulations govern how often water tanks must be cleaned. Tanks in private villas, townhouses, and mansions should be cleaned every other year. Additionally, if the examination reveals that the tank is unclean, it must be cleaned.

  • Regular inspections of the water tank’s temperature are required.
  • On a regular basis, the water tanks’ interior should be inspected for symptoms of mould development.
  • In order to avoid the spread of hazardous illnesses, water tanks should be examined periodically for any probable signs of microbial infections.
  • Residential water tanks should always be sanitized every six months, and business water tanks every three months.

Maintaining excellent water hygiene, human health, and safe water distribution systems is the ultimate goal of home water tank cleaning.

Maintaining the proper pH level for disinfection in your water tank is vital for ensuring that water is pure and prevents build-up that can lead to the formation of Legionella.

water tank cleaning services in dubai


At Moltocare, we recognize the significance of your and your family’s safety. It is our honor to be completely certified as a Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Company by Dubai Municipality. We provide expert tank cleaning services that will safeguard the safety of you and your family by preventing the entry of hazardous germs into your system. Technicians that are highly trained and qualified are easily accessible to assist you with maintaining the cleanliness of your water tank.

Experts from Moltocare clean water tanks in accordance with Dubai Municipality (DM) regulations, using DM-approved food-grade chemicals and DM-certified hygiene personnel qualified to operate in tight places such as Water Tanks, Oil Tanks, etc.

In addition, all Moltocare Team Leaders are educated in first aid to ensure strict adherence to the highest safety standards throughout project execution. Contact us today to get the best cleaning services for tanks in Dubai.

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