Steam Cleaning: What Is It and What Are The Benefits

Steam cleaning is an environmental-friendly and cost-effective method of cleaning. Read the blog to know more.

Today, there are numerous cleaning methods that one can use to make their home, offices, factories, etc. While some have a significant negative impact on the environment, other methods tend to be more environmentally-friendly. One such is steam cleaning services.

What is Steam Cleaning?

As the name suggests, steam cleaning involves using steam for cleaning purposes. It can be used for cleaning floors, removing  grease and dirt from engines (industrial application), and getting rid of 99% germs and bacteria. Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning method (when not used with soap, detergents, or other cleaning products). The best part of steam cleaning is that instead of harsh chemicals, it uses water and heat to quickly kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Now you can have every nook and corner of your house cleaned in a safe and environment-friendly manner!

Benefits of Steam Cleaning AC Ducts

#1 Eco-friendly

Steam cleaning involves only using water that has been converted into heat, to disinfect and clean surfaces. No chemicals like bleach and ammonia are being utilised. These chemicals leach into the soil and water, and poison plants and animals. What’s more, steam cleaning requires a low level of water so you are not adding pressure on water supplies. Another way that steam cleaning is eco-friendly is that it uses washable pads and brushes instead of the disposable, one-time-use ones.

#2 Effective

Steam cleaning is also a very effective method of cleaning and ensuring the spaces are germ-free. Most steam cleaners can produce steam at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Some can go even higher and reach up to 285 degrees degrees Fahrenheit. These high temperatures can effectively remove the toughest of mould growth, remove grease and oil stains, kill 99.99% bacteria, and clean out trapped pollutants. If you get professional steam cleaning services to do the job for you, you can expect an even better result.

#3 Pocket-friendly

Investing in a steam cleaning machine financially benefits you in the long run. Since you are not using any chemical substances in combination with the water, you are reducing your expenses and saving up on money that would have otherwise been spent on purchasing chemicals. Also,  most of these steam cleaners come with washable and reusable pads and brushes so you will also be saving up on having to buy disposable pads and brushes all the time.


Steam cleaning is something that everyone should consider implementing in their households and industrial spaces. In the UAE, it cannot get better than Moltocare’s steam cleaning services. Homes in dubai with carpets and thick carpets will have to get professional steam cleaning done once in a while to remove and get rid of all the germs and bacteria breeding in such ideal spaces.

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