How often should the air ducts be cleaned?

When you are using ducted air conditioners, one of the major concerns that everyone needs to deal with is blocked ducts. If the flowing ducts are blocked, the hot air cannot travel from the room into the centralized air conditioner. Similarly, the cold air won’t be able to flow out through the ducts into the concerned room. This is why one should get the ducts cleaned at the earliest. However, cleaning the ducts when they are blocked is not a solution.

It is because the blocks don’t form in one day in the ducts. Therefore, the more you prolong the issue, the higher the chances your air conditioner will get damaged. This is why you must keep the ducts cleaned and free of blocks. With the help of the best AC duct cleaning service, you can easily solve this problem. But the question is, when should you get the ducts cleaned?

Benefits of cleaning the AC ducts

Before you hire the AC cleaning duct, you must learn the major reasons to clean the ducts periodically. Without knowing the advantages, you won’t get clarity. Hence, we have listed some major advantages of cleaning air ducts.

1. The air conditioner will soon start to give off a bad smell, and you will feel the room’s air having a pungent smell. If the air ducts are blocked, it can lead to moldy growth. Therefore, you should get the ducts cleaned to prevent moldy growth and ensure the air being released doesn’t have any pungent smell.

2. Another major benefit of the AC duct cleaning services is the longevity of the entire central HVAC system. If you let the blocks accumulate for a long time, it can cause damage to the ducts. So, instead of wasting money on repairing or replacing the ducts, it is better to get them cleaned soon.

AC duct cleaning services

3. With the air conditioner ducts being blocked, the air released into the room will be unsafe for breathing. You won’t be able to live in the room and enjoy the cold air. This is why you should hire one of the best AC duct cleaning companies in Dubai to ensure the blocks are removed at the earliest and the air released into the room is completely safe.

4. The blocked ducts reduce the airflow efficiency, causing the air conditioner to work more rigorously. It not only damages the inverter and compressor inside but also increases your utility bills. This is why you should get the AC ducts cleaned periodically to ensure your HVAC system is safe from further damage.

Correct time to clean the air conditioner ducts

With the AC duct cleaning service, you won’t have to go through the hassles of cleaning them yourself. Usually, the ducts need to be cleaned at regular intervals every 6 months. However, you may need an early cleaning service due to some of the following reasons:

  1. If you live in a highly polluted area, the pollutants can easily cause the air ducts to get jammed.
  2. If you don’t book maintenance services, air ducts are more likely to get blocked too often.
  3. Blockage frequently happens when the ducts are already damaged and you haven’t done anything to repair them.
AC duct cleaning services


As there are several AC duct cleaning companies in Dubai, you need to find the best service and get the ducts cleaned at the proper time. Apart from this, you must pay close attention to the signs of blocked AC ducts so that you don’t miss the early calls and clean the airflow ways later on when the damage is already done. Moltocare should be your go-to for cleaning the ducts, as the professionals go above and beyond for your comfortable lifestyle. Contact them today!

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