Common air conditioning problems you should be aware of

Living without an air conditioner is something no one can imagine at present. The increasing temperature during the summer and the scorching heat of the sun overhead have forced most people to get an air conditioner for their house, no matter the brand or appliance’s capacity. While air conditioners are a must and can provide a lot of comforts, you must know some of the major problems you can face while using this new appliance.

You will often find people ringing the maintenance service to get their AC fixed. While it is a good habit to get help from a professional company, sometimes, it can cost a lot of money. This is why knowing about the problems beforehand can save you from the initial rounds of inspections.

In this following article, we have shed light on some of the major issues the air conditioners encounter and also what the problems mean. This will help you in routine appliance maintenance and also guide you in deciding whether you need a professional company for AC maintenance in Dubai or not.

AC is not turning on

One of the main concerns with air conditioners is the appliance not turning on even when you have switched on the main power. It often occurs due to internal circuit problems in the motherboard. If the AC is not turning on, check whether the MCB fuse is off or not. If the lever has fallen, switch off the AC mains and lift the lever to activate the fuse. Now turn on the appliance and check whether it is powering up. If you face the same problem even after that, you should get a professional at the earliest.

AC maintenance companies in Dubai

The remote function is not working properly.

Another common problem you can face is the AC remote not working properly. For instance, if you continue to press the remote buttons, no change is in the air conditioner’s functionality. It mainly happens due to exhausted batteries in the remote. Try to replace the batteries and then use them to change the AC functions.

A burning smell coming from the air conditioner

If suddenly the air conditioner is giving off a burning smell, you should call for AC maintenance servicesin Dubai because a burning smell means the internal wires have been damaged or there is a short circuit inside the motherboard. You should let this issue prolong further as it can damage the appliance completely and even put your safety at risk. This is why you should call for early maintenance and get the air conditioner fixed.

Hot air flowing out of the AC

With one of the best AC maintenance companies in Dubai, you can easily fix the problems where the appliance does not release cold air. Instead, it releases hot air, regardless of the temperature you have set the air conditioner on. In this case, the filters are jammed, the air cannot circulate properly, or the compressor pressure has reduced significantly.

AC maintenance companies in Dubai


Air conditioners are necessary for this present time when the summer season is becoming uncontrollable. But you must ensure you have the contact number of one of the best AC maintenance companies in Dubai to call them when you encounter any of the issues discussed above. Contact Moltocare today for any AC repairing needs!

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