4 Reasons to Keep Your Water Tanks Clean

Water tanks need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain good health and sanitation standards. Read to know more.

Have you been noticing that the water you get from the water tank has a funky smell to it or has a slight brownish tinge to it? This might be a sign that your water tank is contaminated and needs to be cleaned ASAP! Water tank cleaning is a process that often gets neglected or overlooked. In reality, it is vital that you schedule regular maintenance checks and have the water tanks cleaned thoroughly. Prolonged negligence can be detrimental to your health.

 Reasons To Keep Your Water Tanks Clean

#1 They develop rust over time

Over time, water tanks will start rusting and this can affect the quality of the water. The easiest way to check this is if the water running has a brownish tinge. This can put the tank at risk of becoming breeding grounds for pathogenic microorganisms that may have gained access to your tank through a host such as insects, rodents and other aquatic organisms.

#2 They become breeding ground for bacteria

Unclean water tanks will act as a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms, and contaminate the water. If the water tanks are not properly covered, dirt, mould and silt deposits will find their way into your water tank, making the water unfit for human consumption and daily use.

#3 They increase maintenance costs

If disease-causing contaminated water is not a good enough reason for you, here’s another reason – regular maintenance is much more cost-effective than expensive last-minute repairs. If you wait to have you water tank cleaned every time it gets contaminated, you will have to dig deep into the pockets and this may cost you way more

#4 They can make water filters ineffective

It is a common misconception that if you have water filters in place, there is no need to have the water tanks regularly cleaned. While water filters do filter out the harmful particles, they are rendered useless and ineffective if the water tank is unclean and the water is contaminated.


Water tank cleaning requires professional assistance and in the UAE, there is nobody better than Moltocare. Given the extreme hot weather conditions in the UAE, extra care and attention has to be paid to the cleanliness levels maintained for water tanks. They follow a simple process to clean and disinfect the water tank, and by using eco-friendly products while maintaining top-notch hygiene and sanitation standards.

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