Everything you need to know about AC Duct Cleaning!

Should you get your Air Ducts clean if you live in a new house?

Surprisingly enough, yes.

Construction debris is one of the most common types of contamination that we find in air duct systems. Fine particulates, such as drywall dust or sawdust, as well as other materials, can make their way into your system when the construction crews are cleaning up. The only way to thoroughly remove all of these pollutants from your system is through professional cleaning.

Image of an AC Duct

Before starting the cleaning process, the first step our technicians take is to cover all of the furniture with plastic sheets, so the dust and cleaning products used do not damage anything.

In most cases there is a lot of dust falling when the AC ducts are cleaned, so with the protective sheets all of your furniture will be out of harm’s way.

Frequency of cleaning depends on several factors, not the least of which is the preference of the home owner.

Some of the things that may lead a home owner to consider more frequent cleaning include:

  • Smokers in the household
  • Pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander
  • Water contamination or damage to the home or AC system
  • Residents with allergies or asthma who might benefit from a reduction in the amount of indoor air pollutants in the home’s HVAC system
  • After home renovations or remodelling
  • Prior to occupancy of a new home.

Over a period of time, especially in the middle east, dust particles get consolidated rapidly in the air duct area moltocare cleans and disinfects your entire system, including all supply and return vents, air ducts, as well as evaporator coils, blower, drainage trays and air filters. By cleaning the whole system, you avoid dirt and bacteria’s from areas that weren’t cleaned blowing back into areas that were cleaned as soon as you turn on your AC system.

Image of an AC Duct

To read more about this, click here https://www.moltocare.ae/ac-and-duct-cleaning/ . Book your appointment now!

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