Keeping Indoor Air Clean for Babies

Is your home’s indoor air quality affecting your baby’s breathing?

There is a little doubt when it comes to indoor air pollution affecting our lungs, but when it comes to infants, it is crucial to maintain the indoor air quality to its purest form. 

Keeping Indoor Air Clean for Babies
Keeping Indoor Air Clean for Babies

How polluted air affects infants and children

Being exposed to polluted air can harm normal growth of lung function in the womb, during childhood and late teens. In asthmatic children, high levels of air pollution are linked to increased attacks. Polluted air can affect the quality of the air we breathe in when we are indoors, outdoors and while in the car.

Being exposed to air pollution during the gestation period can alter a baby’s lung development. If your baby is exposed to a lot of polluted air, there is a chance of premature birth and low birth weight. It might not be possible to avoid air pollution entirely while one is pregnant. But some things can be done to reduce the amount of air pollution you breathe in.

Infants are a unique and vital subpopulation to study indoor air pollution for several reasons. Most of their time is being spent indoors. Infants breathe more air per body weight compared to adults, and as such, they are exposed to pollutants more. Their respiratory system as well as and other systems are underdeveloped. Mouth breathing, which bypasses the filter of the nose, is more common in infants than adults. Mouth breathing may pull air pollutants deeper into the respiratory system, which could result in a different composition of the pollutant mixture at the alveolar level. Renovation and redecoration, which impacts indoor air quality, such as indoor painting are important points to consider because parents often consider it when it comes to newborn infants.

Being a mom is hard work- there is a wealth of information out there for what is best for your baby, and often, a lot of advice can be contradictory. Most moms/to-be moms have read tons of books, researched articles online, attended courses to ensure they are providing the best home environment for their newborns. While this includes a lot of TLC and emotional stimulation, it is imperative also to ensure the right kind of physical environment is in place. A vital aspect of that is the indoor air quality of your homes, which can often be addressed with deep AC cleaning and air duct cleaning.

Image of polluted air affecting infants and children
How polluted air affects infants and children

How to Detect Air Quality indoors

Sometimes even if you’re doing everything right, your baby can still seem uncomfortable and restless while sleeping. This is likely to be linked to your ventilation, or your indoor air quality, that is affecting your child’s ability to sleep peacefully. We all know that dust and newborn babies don’t go well together at all! The mucous membrane of newborn babies, or any growing organisms, are highly sensitive to even mild irritants. Some moisture in the air might be negligible for us as adults, but babies will notice something is off. Recommended indoor humidity should be around 50%- strong deviations from this level would imply over dryness or over humid. That would be a good time to call in experts, like Moltocare, to book yourself for an inspection for ac duct cleaning services.

Even if indoor humidity levels are regulated, there are chances your baby is still breathing heavily and is uncomfortable. Thus, the issue hasn’t yet been resolved, and other indicators have to be checked:

  • Is there a lot of dust forming on surfaces around the house, particularly on the floor?
  • Are the windows fogging up often?
  • Is there a smell indoors, perhaps from the air released, that has dampness feel to it?

How AC Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning can keep the air safe for babies

If the above conditions apply at your home, it is likely a ventilation issue, relating to your AC cleaning and air duct cleaning, perhaps you haven’t had your AC units and duct systems checked in a while! 

35%-40% of all indoor contaminants accumulate inside the ductwork of your AC systems. It usually contains dust and dirt that has managed to seep in from the outside, coating from the exhaust pipes and hood and insect waste products. Sometimes, birds can fly into the air duct too, contaminating it further. As a result, our indoor air quality is likely to be more contaminated with bacteria and other harmful microbes than fresh air outside, as the same air is being circulated indoors. It is advisable to engage experts like Moltocare, who are professionals in deep AC cleaningduct cleaning services and other ac services in Dubai, to come and inspect the condition of your AC system and air ducts. 

 It is just horrifying to imagine babies inhaling these toxins contaminating your home’s indoor air quality. It is also harmful to your health as adults, and any allergies you may develop, you may risk passing it on to your babies, or just not at your best self to attend and care for them. While self-cleaning with mops, brushes, vacuums are helpful; unfortunately, if your air ducts and AC systems are clogged with dust and sediments, you are not removing the cause of the problem, just trying to fix the symptoms. Deep AC cleaning and air duct cleaning, followed by AC disinfection is an essential investment in securing you and your baby’s health for the long run. 

Image of AC Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning keeping the air safe for babies
How AC Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning can keep the air safe for babies

About Moltocare Services

Moltocare provides a free inspection to determine the present condition of your AC system and duct system, before providing a service recommendation for deep AC cleaning and duct cleaning. The post-inspection report is comprehensive, showing illustrations of the dust and dirt clogged and accumulated in your AC system.

Call Moltocare on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811, or email them at info@moltocare.ae to book your free inspection today!
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