Your AC Being Aged Is A Myth!

It’s summer, humidity is on the rise and you’ve spent a large portion of the day outside so you’re looking forward to that moment when you walk into the house and turn the AC on.

But it doesn’t seem to be cooling. 

In a situation such as this, one would assume the machine is now faulty and begin their market research to replace the model, thus paying thousands of dirhams due to a misconception: It’s old, so it must be malfunctioning. 

Image of AC cleaning Dubai

Let’s bust that myth, shall we? It isn’t malfunctioning. 

Simply explained, like a vacuum cleaner sucks in dust particles, an AC unit attracts external dust and debris. With that creating a detrimental layer of filth within the unit, the filters are now congested. As the unit turns on to offer to cool, it is now emitting dust particles, visible or not, within the space. A well-functioning and clean unit help dehumidify the room it operates in. 

An annual tune-up of the air conditioning unit is offering a head start on efficient and powerful performance during the country’s challenging summer weather. Bear in mind that if the unit does require part replacement, this would fall under the product warranty. Unfortunately, this is void if the unit is serviced and/or inspected by technicians that aren’t certified, HVAC professionals. A valid warranty and a professional unit tune-up, it’s a win-win, isn’t it? 

It has been studied that missing out on regular maintenance and servicing can reduce the life expectancy of the unit by 5% which means it has begun depreciating its performance and not offering you the cooling you’d expect, especially in the hotter months. 

Image of a room with an Air Conditioner

We’re here to assure you that an aging model does not require a replacement, it needs an inspection and servicing annually. The importance of servicing is two-fold, as explained below:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The inspections save on electricity bills as they ensure energy efficiency which provides you with a long-term, functioning unit
  • Peace of Mind: This is quite important. Dust particles collected within the AC unit can contribute to unhealthy air quality which results in medical issues. For peace of mind regarding air quality within the space, regular servicing is the answer. 

Additionally, regular servicing will help eliminate larger issues with the unit in the future. With an annual inspection and unit maintenance, problems that may have begun formulating can be detected and remedied early on, saving you a larger cost down the line. This means you’re looking at increased performance because our highly-trained technicians have helped you recover lost efficiency. 

Everyone’s first instinct is that they need to buy a new AC and replace their old one but that is wrong. Machines like Air conditioners have a long life and don’t breakdown so easily. Something so minor as just getting your AC duct cleaned could be the actual issue that could enhance the performance of your Air Conditioner. 

Getting an Annual AC Maintenance Contract could save you so many dirhams compare to getting a new AC altogether. Just like a car or any other machine, to perform to its fullest potential it needs to be maintained regularly. 

Dirty AC ducts can cause the AC to breakdown and remove the foul odor or weird noises. Pollutants like bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms can get settled in your AC duct making it a breeding ground for these germs. These germs then roam about in the air you breathe and inhale which can cause real issues to your health. Infants and old people are especially at risk when it comes to bad indoor air quality. They spend most of their time home and are constantly breathing air that is infested with bacteria. Unclean AC ducts can cause various respiratory and skin diseases which can put you and your loved one’s health at risk. 

Just by booking a simple appointment with Moltocare for their AC cleaning service, you can save on the exorbitant amount of money on hospital bills and new Air Conditioners. Our skilled professionals will come to your space and without disrupting your day provide you the best AC cleaning service. 

You’re benefitting with that once-a-year appointment for a multitude of reasons, so why not mark those Google calendars and give us a call on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811 for a complimentary assessment of your AC unit in schools, nurseries, offices, and homes. 

While we’d love to have a chat on a call with you, we also book appointments via email so feel free to reach us at info@moltocare.ae and we will get back to you at the earliest. 
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