How to ensure healthy air quality for you and your kids

Dubai summer is usually marked with the onset of two things – high temperatures and even higher humidity. As a city with near-perennial summer, nearly all school activities are held indoors. All of us are aware of the significant impact of letting kids play outside during the summer months. But spending time indoors is not nearly an alternative solution. 

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An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study indicates levels of indoor pollutants as two to five times (occasionally more than a hundred times) higher than outdoor levels. This is particularly concerning for all school-goers as they tend to spend most of their time indoors. Indoor air quality is also linked to productivity and overall health and performances of students, teachers, and all staff. 

EPA has also noted down the negative impact of poor indoor air quality 

Negative Impact of Poor Indoor Air Quality 

  • Accelerate deterioration and reduce the efficiency of the school’s physical plant and equipment
  • Affect student comfort, the learning environment, and attendance
  • Increase the likelihood that schools will have to be closed temporarily (for repairs) or permanently
  • Lead to costly repairs if maintenance and proactive measures are deferred. Preventative measures will save money over time.
  • Reduce the productivity of teachers and staff due to discomfort, sickness, or absenteeism
  • Increase the potential for long-term health problems among students and staff
  • Strain the relationship between administrators and facilities staff
  • https://www.epa.gov/iaq-schools/take-action-improve-indoor-air-quality-schools 

Since Dubai is a city of near-perennial summer, schools and nurseries can take immediate and effective steps to ensure healthy air quality for their students. If applied successfully, it can vastly improve the building’s overall environment as well as aid in the core purpose of schools and nurseries i.e. to educate children. Children are largely more susceptible to environmental risks as compared to adults. As they require more air intake, indoor air quality in schools is especially concerning. 

Living in Dubai, it is hard to escape high levels of humidity or the occasional sandstorm. This poses an immediate threat to the internal air quality circulating within schools and nurseries. Failure to take measured steps to improve air quality can result in poor health of staff and students. Respiratory illnesses, headaches, colds, cough and flu, eye irritation, shortness of breath, fatigue, and other allergies are just some of the long-term impacts of poor indoor air quality.

The Problem

What steps can schools and nurseries in Dubai take to ensure a healthy, productive environment for their students and staff?

– Containment of outdoor air within classrooms 

Outdoor pollutants are an immediate threat to internal air quality levels within schools and nurseries. Despite ensuring that doors and windows are tightly closed, hot winds and humid air not only enter school buildings through windows and doors but also ventilation systems. Over time this can cause the build-up of dust and other materials within AC ducts resulting in poor quality. Cleaner air ducts are directly linked with the vast improvement in indoor air quality. Regular, thorough cleaning of air ducts can contain levels of outdoor air pollution within classrooms and nurseries and prevent airborne illnesses.

– Maintenance of optimum temperature levels and humidity levels 

Temperature is key to managing levels of humidity that seep through. They cannot be overlooked as thermal comfort is key for indoor air quality and even productivity. Consistent temperature levels must be maintained to ensure proper airflow within classrooms and reduce the impact of external humidity levels.

The Solution

With the help of experts in Moltocare, a Dubai-based company that provides services such as AC duct cleaning, AC cleaning, AC disinfectionAC maintenance, and future care, managing and maintaining optimum indoor quality within schools and nurseries is easy. 

The Moltocare process begins with a complimentary assessment of your current air conditioning systems. Their team arrives at your school or nursery to inspect ventilation and AC units. Their post-inspection report indicates the level of deep cleaning required along with service recommendations for immediate improvement of indoor air quality. Their team of experts is trained to thoroughly disinfect ducts along with effectively clean ducts, resulting in a well-maintained AC and ventilation system.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency suggests keeping ventilation units free of clutter and dirt. If the Air Conditioners in schools are not clean, they can cause various diseases like 

  • asthma
  • respiratory tract infection and disease
  • allergic reactions
  • headaches
  • nasal congestion
  • eye and skin irritations
  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • nausea

not only to the students but also the teachers and other staff in the school.

Getting your Air Conditioner ducts cleaned and sanitized is a must especially with the current pandemic. Students spend most of their time in school and should not breathe poor air. Moltocare professionals follow all the safety measures while providing their service and leave no stone unturned when they clean the AC ducts leaving the customer happy and satisfied! 

To book a complimentary assessment of your AC systems in schools, nurseries, offices, and homes, call Moltocare Dubai on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811, or email us at info@moltocare.ae
Book you appointment now! Read more about this https://www.moltocare.ae/bio-disinfection-service/

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