Prioritize Your Workplace Air Quality!

While UAE labor law states that employers must provide clean, safe working environments for all their employees, hardly any consider the negative impact of indoor air quality. Poor air quality, often a result of unclean AC Ducts, within your offices can lead to an increase in minor illnesses, affecting productivity levels and business operations. 

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The air quality of your workplace is extremely important for your worker’s comfort and also their health. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can be hazardous to workers’ health and cause them various breathing issues. Multiple factors affect IAQ are—poor ventilation problems controlling temperature, high or low humidity especially in a place like Dubai, recent remodeling, and other activities in or near a building that can affect the flow of fresh and pure air from entering the building. Sometimes, specific pollutants such as dust from construction or renovation, mold, cleaning supplies, pesticides, or other airborne chemicals and bacteria cause poor Indoor Air Quality which might affect your staff.

 Many health symptoms than office workers experience are mostly caused by indoor air pollution due to dirty AC ducts. Symptoms such as headaches, sinus discomfort, upper respiratory congestion, and eye irritation, and heaviness in breathing are the result of contaminated or polluted air. Sometimes, indoor air pollution may cause serious infections like Legionnaires’ Disease, a type of pneumonia.

You can say all the health symptoms might be job stress but need to be looked after immediately to safeguard your employees. Health symptoms associated with job stress include psychological and physical strains such as frustration, anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, and muscle and psychological tension. These symptoms may be promoted by a poor indoor quality which can cause huge trouble for your business! The workplace environment shall be kept clean and ventilated for a positive work atmosphere for the staff. 

 Worsened by polarizing Dubai temperatures inside and outside the office, a recent study lists minor illnesses such as cold, cough, and the flu as one of the most common causes of sick leave. While little can be done to control the climate outside, employers can ensure air quality within their offices is healthy and stimulating to productivity. To begin, a thorough inspection of ducts and AC systems is required, especially if they have not been cleaned before. 

EPA suggests a few points if you manage an Office:

  • Maintain a good working relationship with building management on indoor environmental issues.
  • Place office furniture and equipment with air circulation, temperature control, and pollutant removal functions of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in mind.
  • Coordinate with building management in instances when responsibility for design, operation, and maintenance of the ventilation system is shared.
  • Establish an effective smoking policy that protects non-smokers from involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Avoid procedures and products that can cause indoor air quality problems.
  • Integrate indoor air quality concerns into your purchasing decisions.
  • Work with the building manager to ensure the use of only necessary and appropriate pest control practices and nonchemical methods where possible.
  • Work with building management and the contractor before you remodel or renovate to identify ways of keeping building occupant exposure to pollutants to a minimum and to ensure that the air distribution system is not disrupted.

 Moltocare, Dubai provides a complimentary assessment of your current air conditioning systems. Our post-inspection report ascertains the levels of deep cleaning required with service recommendations such as AC Cleaning service, Duct Cleaning, AC disinfection, and future care. 

 To book a complimentary assessment of your office AC systems and other services such as AC Duct Cleaning, call Moltocare Dubai on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811, or email us at info@moltocare.ae
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