Invest in your future: Deep AC Cleaning and Duct Cleaning

Are you aware that your air conditioning system can spread more than just cool air? We’re talking about dust, mold, allergens… not a pretty list to see! Hence, air conditioning maintenance in Dubai and Deep AC Cleaning and AC Disinfection is not an option, but a necessity, for our health and well-being. Yes, all those germs being spread in your living space is a big NO! We at Moltocare provide services where you do not have to live with poor air quality which is infested with bacteria! 

People and animals can carry bacteria or viruses into the home, or they can come inside from soil and plant debris. Certain bacteria and viruses can be transmitted through the air. Your air conditioning unit could circulate them, causing you to become ill.

 Airborne bacteria and viruses include:

As per IQAir Dubai, Air Quality is just at a moderate level. We are not breathing fresh air while we are outdoors and this can cause severe issues to our health. 

Annual AC Maintenance Contract

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Investing in a good quality Air Conditioner and maintaining it regularly is a key to breathing fresh air. This might sound a lot monetarily but is an investment for better health and a better future. Moltocare leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best service for cleaning your AC Duct. 

AC’s that are not regularly undergone deep AC cleaning and AC Disinfection could lead to the multiplication of dust mites and hives, along with mold accumulation that can cause allergic rhinitis. Add to that, our endless hot and humid weather further worsens the issue. 

Allergists and immunologists repeatedly stress the following key to-dos and don’ts:

  • In the summer months, do regular servicing and deep ac cleaning and air duct cleaning servicesMoltocare is one of the leading, certified, professional ac cleaning company Dubai and an ac maintenance company in Dubai that does duct cleaning and AC cleaning and focuses on deep AC cleaning and AC disinfection. This is highly recommended particularly for asthmatics or those with a family history of allergies
  • Invest in air purifiers with high-efficiency filters, particularly for those who suffer from air-borne allergies to improve your indoor air quality 
  • In general, avoid rugs and carpets that trap dust easily, specifically in our region that is prone to humidity and dust storms. Else, if you have carpets and rugs, they need to be regularly cleaned and vacuumed, in conjunction with ac duct cleaning services and Deep AC Cleaning 

In Dubai, the top three allergies that are common include Allergic Rhinitis, Urticaria (mosquito-bite-like symptoms), and food allergies. Often, people are unaware of the allergies they have and take medication to relieve symptoms but fail to address the real problem at hand, which can often be poor indoor air quality. Your indoor air shall never be neglected because you spend most of the time indoors and you must breathe fresh and pure air. This is especially the case with allergic rhinitis as it has similar symptoms to the common cold or flu and often, people opt for OTC medicines to relieve themselves. One way of distinguishing from a common cold to allergies is the duration of the cold, it is usually the latter if the cold continues for more than six weeks and is a regular occurrence then you shall get your AC ducts checked by our highly skilled professionals. 

AC Duct Cleaning Dubai

Parents of young children and infants need to be extra cautious if exposure to any particular allergen has caused a reaction. Infants are sensitive and prone to respiratory diseases faster than adults. An allergic reaction can vary drastically in terms of severity but should be paid attention to and dealt with immediately rather than waiting for it to get worse. It Is better to get it checked and take action immediately rather than paying lengthy hospital bills. Moltocare helps you from all this trauma and also provides their Annual AC Maintenance Contract!

Treatment of allergies involves identifying its source, and if that doesn’t work, then a skin test from an allergist is the next recommended action. However, it is strongly encouraged that the initial options should be first implemented; including duct cleaning and AC disinfection with companies such as Moltocare, and buying humidifiers, as the direct benefits will be felt by all family members, including anyone with allergy symptoms. Air duct cleaning and deep AC cleaning is not an expense, rather an investment in the health and well-being of yourself and family, which always remains a top priority.
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