Beat the Heat and Prevent Dust Allergies!

Deep AC Cleaning is a popular remedy for relieving allergies  

In the Middle East, we are no strangers to allergies and their effects. If not ourselves, everyone has at least one friend/relative/colleague that stockpiles a wad of tissues on their desk every day in the current weather conditions. With summer in full swing, dust allergies are rampant across our city, and we all need to be extra cautious to prevent developing allergic rhinitis. Improving your Indoor Air Quality is useful to help relieve such symptoms. 

Allergic rhinitis is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Signs and symptoms include a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, red, itchy, and watery eyes, a recurring ear infection, and swelling around the eyes. Studies show that 36 percent of children in the UAE and about one-fifth of the population are affected by it. Have you looked into getting duct cleaning services?

In Dubai 1 out of 3 residents suffers from allergies when the humidity is high and during summers. The most common allergy is hay fever or allergic rhinitis. People are susceptible to indoor allergens as they inhale dust along with fine mites and in many cases, fungal spores, these bacteria are fine and cannot be seen. They settle in the crevices of your AC ducts and various other places. Residents in Dubai complain of frequent nose blocks or runny noses, itchy eyes, itchy palates, and sneezing. These symptoms are the body’s inflammatory response to dust, pollen, and mites, creating antibodies for protection and prevention of major health issues. 

Outdoor Air is highly contaminated but even the indoor air contains the debris of dust mites and other allergens. Dust mites are fine microorganisms that attach to fibers of furnishings, carpets, and rugs and settle in your AC and fans. 

One of the most common allergy triggers is unclean air-conditioning duct. Cool, damp and humid ducts, when not cleaned frequently or maintained at all, become breeding grounds for molds, fungus, and bacteria. When the air-conditioning is switched on, these fine particles fly through the air and are inhaled, triggering strong allergies and even causing serious diseases that can be fatal.

Image of a room with a maintained Air Conditioner


While some of the cases recorded here are genetically predisposed, environmental factors are also a significant contributor and can aggravate symptoms further and if not addressed, could develop into asthma if untreated.  

Indoor allergens include house dust mites, grass and tree pollens, pet dander and mold in bathrooms and kitchens, or other humid spaces indoors, impacting indoor air quality as well. 

Environmental factors include pollution, construction, tobacco smoke, grass, and tree pollens. While some of these may not directly cause allergies, they may serve to exacerbate symptoms and existing conditions. In the UAE, these are further worsened by the humidity levels, that provide a breeding ground for dust mites, with the risk of us inhaling sand particles. Deep AC cleaning helps resolve some of these issues. 

Some tips on how to allergy-proof your home during the summer; 

• Keep your carpets and rugs clean or keep them away during this season

• Invest in deep cleaning of air-conditioning ducts to clear the molds and fungal spores.

• Always keep your doors and windows shut to prevent dust from entering your home

• Vacuum cleaning is important and dust and clean all surfaces and so is sanitization. 

• Invest in bio disinfection of your house

• If you have pets such as cats and dogs, they have animal dander that triggers an inflammatory response, make sure the dander doesn’t get settled in your rugs and ACs. 

• Use de-humidifier at home to keep it dry and mold-free.


Stay Indoors as much as possible, especially during sand storms. People who suffer from allergies should strive to reduce the humidity in their homes and improve the indoor air quality that is being circulated. Options for this include:

  • Vacuum Frequently: Effective way to get rid of allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and microorganisms that are breeding
  • Cleaning the Air Ducts and Vents: Professional air duct cleaning services use organic cleaning materials is one of the more long-lasting methods of getting rid of clogged dust and mold infestation deep in the AC system. A thorough AC deep cleaning and AC disinfection not only improves indoor air quality to last over a year but significantly improves the air being disseminated and circulated indoors. Moltocare specializes in deep AC cleaning and AC Disinfection and provides a guarantee for a minimum of eighteen months 
  • Using air purifiers with high-efficiency filters that will weed out any pollutants and minimize the circulation of harmful particles across an indoor living space and improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Using dust mite covers: One cost-effective way of preventing dust mites on pillows and mattresses from becoming airborne and contaminating the indoor air quality. Also, it is more hygienic as regular washing or vacuuming of the protective covers can clear it of sweat and other skin secretions.
  • Keeping the indoor temperature and humidity under control: Maintain indoor temperatures under 23/24 degrees Celsius and limit opening the windows when the outdoor environment is humid. Make sure you have conducted your regular AC maintenance and AC Cleaning 
  • Use a damp cloth to clean surfaces and floors: A feather duster is not as useful as it tends to spread dust particles further. Instead, using a mop or cloth, if possible microfiber, with water or an organic cleaning agent is more effective. AC Disinfection also involves disinfection of living spaces will also help to clean surfaces
  • Plan your outings based on Air reports and Allergy maps: Several apps track the air quality and pollution levels in cities. Unfortunately, air quality indices rate Dubai as quite high in terms of airborne contaminants, thus impacting the health of the population as they inhale. It is advisable to monitor AQIs and spend time outdoors accordingly to minimize any health hazards. Invest in Deep AC Cleaning if the outdoor environment is polluted, and you need to spend more time indoors  

Moltocare specializes in Deep AC CleaningDuct Cleaning and AC Disinfection that helps improves the indoor air quality. They are highly experienced and thorough professionals and offer a free inspection to come assess the present condition of your AC System. 
To read more about this, click here https://www.moltocare.ae/ac-and-duct-cleaning/

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