Why is it important to have an Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract?

With the immense experience and having almost 4000 customers and understanding their needs, we have emerged an Annual AC Cleaning Contract. Our professional and extremely skilled workers provide you with top-notch services making sure your home and work environment is deep cleaned and disinfected for a healthier and a better you.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that high temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some pollutants. https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/introduction-indoor-air-quality  and Dubai having an extremely hot and humid climate make matters worse when your Air Conditioning System shuts down. At Moltocare we also provided routine AC maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts (“AMCs”). These immensely improve the effectiveness and efficiency of air conditioning systems for the private and corporate sectors. We established in a place where the climate is predominantly hot and humid as Dubai going through any breakdowns or your AC systems not working in the middle of a hot summer day is something we can’t afford. Having an Annual Maintenance Contract gives you a sense of security that Moltocare will be there to help you in your tough times and provide you with the best service available in Dubai. 

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EPA recommends whether you live in an apartment, townhome or single-family home, an old home, or are building a new home, there are many ways to protect and improve your indoor air. Indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles into the air are a primary cause of indoor air quality problems in homes which can cause health risks. Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough fresh outdoor air to dilute emissions from indoor sources and by not carrying indoor air pollutants out of the home. High temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some pollutants especially in a place like Dubai. Thus, you need to use and maintain your ventilation system.

The AC cleaning Dubai agreement covers periodic monthly preventive maintenance for air conditioning equipment.

The air conditioning maintenance contract aims to prevent future problems with your air conditioning equipment, such as leaks, breakage of parts, and loaves in general through an annual maintenance plan subdivided into monthly maintenance.

Although it is possible to wash the air conditioning filter at any time, it is very important to do deep AC cleaning in Dubai at least once a year, or even every 3 months depending on the circumstances and the environment in which the air conditioner is installed.

Air conditioning maintenance contract – Why should you do it?

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The Air-condition system is an appliance, it also requires special care. The higher your daily use the greater your attention should be with it.

When operating, your air conditioner device is gathering dust from the environment inside it. The process of forming dirt inside the machine is normal and so the importance of AC cleaning Dubai service offered at Moltocare.

When the appliance spends a lot of time without any preventive maintenance the dirt tends to accumulate and clog drain and coils from your machine. This produces water leakage and decreased cooling capacity, in addition to harming the occupants’ health environment, as the dust will be thrown back into the air. Other problems of maintenance-free air conditioning equipment are the rusting and corrosion of parts and electronic boards.

It is worth remembering that dirty air conditioning ends up forcing its compressor to cool the environment and consequently presents a greater consumption of energy.

Performing preventive maintenance through an AC cleaning Dubai contract is taking care of your health, your family, and your employees.

The Monthly routines for AC cleaning Dubai contract services include:

  1. Monthly AC cleaning Dubai routine includes:
  • Check for abnormal noise and vibrations
  • Inspect air filters and clean
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check that the air return is clear
  • Check room temperature control thermostat setting
  1. Quarterly AC cleaning Dubai routine includes:
  • Check bushes and bearings
  • Check high and low pressure
  • Check the condition of the streamers
  • Check the electrical power
  1. Annual AC cleaning Dubai routine includes:
  • Cleaning the condenser unit with the use of a high-pressure (jet) pump with a chemical if necessary
  • Cleaning the evaporator unit
  • Eliminate rust spots
  • Reattach bearing bolts and brackets
  • Re-tighten terminals, screws, and springs

Know the 14 Benefits of AC cleaning Dubai Moltocare contract now:

  1. Increased equipment downtime, effectively reducing electricity costs
  2. Quality of life for your family or your employees.
  3. Equilibration of the Ac system, favoring the prolongation of the useful life of the equipment
  4. Effective cleaning of evaporator filters, obtaining fresh air free of bacteria responsible for respiratory diseases
  5. Improvements to indoor air quality
  6. Better operation of the compressor, increasing its life
  7. Reduction in the final cost of use and maintenance
  8. Reduction of expenses with the exchange of parts, loaves, and equipment breaks
  9. Use of tools appropriate to the execution of the services
  10. Longer life for air conditioning
  11. Prevention of possible future breaches
  12. Maintenance of refrigeration capacity
  13. Ready care in the occurrence of possible problems
  14. Use of specialized technical manpower

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