Why do you need AC Maintenance?

It is common knowledge that ACs require regular maintenance in order to run smoothly and efficiently. However, what is not often recognized is that in countries where the system is switched on for practically the entire 24 hours, AC maintenance in Dubai is significantly more important, given the almost 50-degree temperatures. It is important to note, AC maintenance is not a tedious process is it is perceived to be, being wrapped up in approximately 2 hours. Quarterly AC maintenance checks ensures minimal risk and resourceful running of the system during the never-ending Middle East summers.

Our AC Maintenance includes:

Step 1: Filter & Grill Cleaning

As the protective “mom” from outside air, filters stand to defend the AC unit and the duct from dust and sand entering the AC system. Filters happen to be the first in line to come into contact and dust, setting the stage for the AC system to have to use more energy to supply the same amount of cold air. Naturally, we as users would have to bear the consequences in regard to resulting in a higher electricity bill or having to compromise on the temperature. Thus quarterly cleaning is highly recommended; every 4 months should allow your ACs to run effectively while allowing you to have improved indoor air quality.

During the AC maintenance process, we give all your grills a light wash as well as dust and mould generally to get caught up at the vents, generally restricting your cool air passing through.

Step 2: Bio Disinfection

Just cleaning dust from filters and grills isn’t enough to ensure clean, breathable air. Germs always tend to squirm their way back to the ACs and multiplying, unless it has been disinfected and sanitized. During our maintenance, the entire living space goes through this process prevent the return of any unwanted guests.

Image of AC repair

Moltocare being a certified disinfection company will provide your space with healthy indoor air quality through our Bio Disinfection Service. We not only specialize in this service but also prove it in an eco-friendly manner. At Moltocare we employ a chemical-free French Disinfection technology that is commonly used in the healthcare industry, to eradicate dust, fungi and allergens and replenish healthy, breathable air for your indoor environment.

We are in constant contact with the surfaces of our home and work space, the bacteria and viruses can be left on our skin causing various diseases. Only cleaning and sanitizing your home or work space will not give you the best indoor air quality. Bio Disinfection takes it one step further and kills micro-organisms, bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, pathogens and other infectious germs which are not visible to the naked eye.

Following the directions while Bio Disinfection are crucial.

Disinfectants need special care and specific conditions that need to be taken in consideration before providing the service. Our professionals come with immense experience and perform the Bio Disinfection Service that helps in killing bacteria and microorganisms. The process can be tedious but can also be performed effectively with our help. With our skilled professionals and the resources of a chemical free French Disinfection Technology we provide you with the pre-eminent Bio Disinfection Service.

Our disinfectant technology from France is diffused in the air spreading to all corners of the AC and the duct. This eco-friendly, non-corrosive spray destroys any and all bacteria that still may be present after the cleaning procedure. As a vital end to the AC maintenance process, the disinfectant safeguards your home and the air you breathe for the following months.

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