Air Duct Cleaning: Choose better to breathe better!

The severity and incidence of respiratory illnesses lessens with regular duct cleaning

Transitioning seasons often results in several individuals having to deal with respiratory illnesses and turning to healthcare providers for solutions. Often, residents overlook the importance of having their duct cleaning and deep AC cleaning done to help relieve symptoms. It is particularly relevant for those suffering from allergic rhinitis and asthma. 

The number of visits to doctors for flu cases increase dramatically in between seasons when the weather is more unpredictable. Internal medical specialists urge residents to ensure having their annual air duct cleaning and AC cleaning conducted, as the AC ducts are known to house allergens, the cause of allergy-related respiratory illnesses, which are rampant across the UAE. 

It is estimated for about 14 per cent of UAE residents suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis. Breathing becomes difficult from individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions, which can be exacerbated when the weather is changing, owing to dust storms or heavy fog, which bring with them surrounding pollution. Often, these conditions are harder to manage in homes that have several contaminants and allergens affecting their indoor air quality. It is likely these homes haven’t undergone air duct cleaning and AC cleaning. 

It is recommended that families and homes with individuals suffering from allergies or with indoor pets, should invest in duct cleaning and deep AC cleaning annually. The winter season is a good time for families to undergo their home service given the AC systems are not switched on throughout the day. It is advised to engage professionals, such as Moltocare, to conduct air duct cleaning and AC cleaning and make sure to ask them to show images of the dust, dirt and mold accumulated within the ducts and AC systems- the images will shock most of you! 

Fine dust that accumulates in ducts that haven’t undergone thorough duct cleaning, can contain as many as a thousand dust mites, and is estimated to have up to 250,000 allergenic dust mite faecal pellets, which are known to trigger and aggravate respiratory and nasal symptoms in individuals with allergic pre conditions. A well-known public hospital in the UAE attends to at least 1,500 asthmatic patients in a year, and the healthcare facility has issued a public service recommendation to get deep ac cleaning and duct cleaning done at their homes, to help reduce the severity of these conditions by targeting dust, mold and fungi. 

Standard maintenance contracts provided for most apartments and villas typically involve cleaning the grills and filters externally. Tenants/residents would usually have to make an additional request to landlords and property management companies for air duct cleaning and deep AC cleaning services. While most landlords may confer and be willing to pay for it, sometimes the tenants might have to share a portion of the cost with the landlord. In either case, the duct cleaning and ac cleaning is a minor investment that pays forward significantly in terms of better health.  

The cost of air duct cleaning and deep ac cleaning varies depending on the number of AC systems and their accessibility. Moltocare provides a free inspection, whereby, the team will come and check the number of AC systems and accessibility and provide a detailed inspection report with images highlighting the present condition of your AC systems, along with a service recommendation and quotation for deep AC cleaning and air duct cleaning. Call 800 MOLTO (66586) or 04 8810811 to schedule your free inspection and take charge of your health to breathe better today!  

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