How to Allergy-Proof your Life? The Key Allergy Trigger can be resolved by AC duct cleaning services

Healthy and clean Indoor Air Quality is something we all strive to achieve, which can be gained from ac cleaning and air duct cleaning. Some other suggestions:

  • Roll up your carpets and rugs and keep them away. Instead use natural fibre mats
  • Invest in Deep AC Cleaning of air conditioning ducts at the start of the summer
  • Keep doors and windows shut at all times too avoid dust accumulation 
  • Ensure the house is thoroughly vacuum cleaned daily, along with all upholstery and curtains. Ac duct cleaning services companies also provide AC disinfection and disinfection of living spaces that helps with this 
  • Use a disinfectant and damp cloth to clean the floors and other surfaces
  • Use a soft detergent to regularly wash and clean pillows and bed sheets 
  • Use mite proof mattress covers and get them washed frequently
  • Try and always take a shower after returning home from outdoors
  • Houses with pets should get their coats regularly trimmed and kept short, to prevent inflammatory responses from pet dander. Deep Ac cleaning and air duct cleaning helps with cleaning out the AC system of pet hair that is trapped 
  • Use de-humidifiers to reduce humidity and mold and to improve indoor air quality
  • Avoid using nasal decongestants indiscriminately, it can trigger rebound rhinitis 
  • Warm saline water, and other home remedies, can be used to wash out nasal and throat passages for minor irritant episodes
  • Sterile face masks that help filter out fine dust can be used then stepping outdoors amidst dusty weather 
  • Indoor plants need to be paid attention to and maintained well so as to not be carrying severe allergens that are contaminating your indoor air quality 

In this region, dust contains fine silca particles, that not only cover nasal passages, but also reach the upper parts of the lungs. At home, often indoor air quality is poor, there is debris of dust mites along with silca and other allergens. Dust mites are fine mirco organisms that which attach to fibres of furnishings, carpets and rugs. When inhaled, it triggers a histamine response from our bodies, which includes a runny nose, itchy eyes and other similar symptoms. Particularly those who are predisposed to allergies and asthma, manifest a definite response. However, people with no prior genetic disposition can also fall ill with exposure. 

One of the key sources of allergy triggers is unclean air conditioning ducts and not investing in ac duct cleaning services. It is imperative to get air duct cleaning services and AC Disinfection once every two years to reduce allergy triggers. Moltocare specializes in deep ac cleaning and ac duct cleaning services and have conducted services across all housing communities in Dubai, ranging from Emirates Hills and Emirates Living Community, to Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown and independent Jumeirah villas. Moltocare conducts a free inspection, whereby they assess the current condition of the AC system and then advise the service. Act now and book your free inspection to cure you and your families of allergies that are detracting from a happier, healthier life and healthy indoor air quality. 

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