Paw parents – Have you gotten your AC Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning done?

For some of us, pets are our most loved family members- they provide us with unconditional love, licks, hugs and immense joy- but we also need to add endless pet dander and hair around the house to that list! While we still love them to bits despite their shedding, as pet owners we need to be cognizant of the importance deep AC cleaning and duct cleaning services to keep our homes as hygienic as possible and to maintain healthy indoor air quality.  

The following are some tips for paw parents with furry family members to improve their indoor air quality: 

    • Groom your pets regularly: Make sure you take your furry family member to the groomer to their coats trimmed regularly- It is recommended at least once a month (may vary depending on the thickness of their coat). This will help reduce the amount of hair shed around the house and will also serve to reduce your own cleaning time and for your AC system filters. Pet hair typically blocks the surface of AC filters and can also clog AC ducts, which can only be resolved by air duct cleaning services and ac cleaning. Regular maintenance of taking Snoop-Dawg 🐶 to the groomer can reduce the maintenance required from your end 
    • Change your AC Filters Often: Apart from hair from pet dogs and cats, pet dander is also something that us paw parents need to think about. These are tiny particles of skin that gave shed from animals with fur or feathers. These typically become airborne and get trapped in your AC filters. The air flow from AC filters that are clogged with pet hair, dander and dust will be hindered and might affect the cooling of your home, despite the AC being left on. Additionally, this might affect utility bills adversely. Thus, to ensure that your indoor environment is well cooled- air filters will need to be change regularly. The need for this increases as the number of pets increase, more so, if any of your family members suffer from allergies. It is advisable to invest in high-quality HEPA filters, which are effective in entrapping pet dander and usually can be scheduled in along with your AC deep cleaning and air duct cleaning. Companies such as Moltocare, who provide AC cleaning and duct cleaning, also have solutions for air filter replacement that can help improve your indoor air quality and ensure clean air is being disseminated. 
  • Clean the Air Vents: Pet hair and dander both clog air vents too, which need to be cleaned ever so often. You can choose to clean this by yourself by switching your vacuum cleaner to hose mode which will help suck out all the hair, dust and dander in and around your air vents. Alternatively, you can hire a Dubai air conditioning company such as Moltocare, that will conduct deep AC cleaning and air duct cleaning for your home, which entails deep cleaning for all components of your AC system, including your air vents.  
  • Air Duct Cleaning: Despite regular pet grooming, it is almost impossible to avoid some hair finding itself in your ac duct systems. As commonly known, blocked air ducts serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, contaminants and viruses, which can then spiral into more serious health hazards. The need to conduct professional duct cleaning cannot be stressed enough. Hire the professionals, get your duct cleaning done at least every 18-24 months and be rest assured to avoid the risk of health issues arising from clogged air ducts. Moltocare specializes in duct cleaning services, followed by AC disinfection. 
  • Invest in an Air Purifier: Some high quality HEPA Purifiers can help ensure up to 99.97% of pet dander is removed from your indoor air, which prevents it from reaching the air filters and contaminating/clogging them further. Purifiers also help combat other forms of airborne allergens which can drastically reduce the presence of allergy symptoms for your family members. A HEPA purifier, along with regular deep AC cleaning and duct cleaning, is an effective option for making sure your home’s indoor air quality is hygienic and fresh for your loved ones. 

We can’t live without our furry family members – we happily accept living with a few strands of hair on our clothes every time in exchange for the cuddles and happiness we get from our pets. Similarly, we need to value and appreciate that ac cleaning and air duct cleaning is mandatory, for us to remain healthy to continue taking care and enjoying the love from our furry babies. Moltocare provides a free inspection to determine the number of AC and duct systems and accessibility, before providing a service recommendation for deep AC cleaning and duct cleaning. Call Moltocare on 800-MOLTO or 04 8810811, or email us at info@moltocare.ae to book your free inspection today! 

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