Preventive Maintenance of Air Conditioning Cleaning in Dubai

The maintenance of air conditioning must guarantee quality of air without endangering the occupants’ health.

Preventive maintenance of air conditioning needs to be done by specialized AC cleaning services Dubai at Moltocare to ensure the best air quality for the people who breathe there and a great performance of air conditioning.

Keeping the filters always clean and the equipment in accordance with the standards of manufacturers’ functionality, guarantee a longer life for your equipment.

It is highly recommended that the maintenance of air conditioning be done by a specialized company such as Moltocare and by highly trained technicians.

When should your air conditioner be preventively serviced?

Maintenance of air conditioning must be carried out whenever any problems, faults or noises are found in the appliance.

In addition, the ineffectiveness of AC system must be observed or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In addition, maintenance must be performed at predetermined intervals to prevent the possibility of failures in the AC system or the degeneracy of the operation of an equipment and / or system.

Periodic maintenance also prevents waste or leakage of electrical energy, thereby reducing energy consumption costs.

How important is preventive air conditioning maintenance?

The AC cleaning services Dubai offered at Moltocare brings several benefits, both to health and to your own pocket. Preventive maintenance reduces energy costs, exchange of parts, equipment problems and leaves the air free of bacteria responsible for diseases of respiratory origin.

With the correct maintenance of air conditioning the probability of a failure decreases, it avoids corrosion and increases the life of the device, eliminating the need for corrective maintenance.

9 Advantages of doing preventive maintenance of air conditioning periodically:

  • Effective reduction of electricity costs.
  • Increased protection against voltage drops.
  • Obtain pure air, free of bacteria responsible for respiratory diseases.
  • Prevents and reduces respiratory diseases.
  • Reduction of expenses with exchange of parts, breads and breaks of apparatus, avoiding breaks.
  • Promotes increased efficiency of your air conditioning equipment.
  • Prolonging the life of the equipment and its components, such as the compressor.
  • Maintains corrosion protection.

Another great way to keep air conditioners working effectively is through interval maintenance contract of air conditioner.

Meet the AC cleaning services Dubai at Moltocare

Moltocare is concerned with ensuring the best service of air condition cleaning and maintenance to meet the most varied needs of the market.

Our team is specialized through a rigorous process of training and qualification to develop the projects from its conception until the installation or maintenance is finished.

For the monitoring of problems and maintenance of air conditioning equipment, Moltocare maintains a group of technicians specially trained for preventive or corrective assistance.

Our company counts on specialized personnel to solve specific problems, to better meet your needs, thus ensuring greater safety and care in our AC cleaning services Dubai.

Contact us and request information about air conditioning maintenance and cleaning.


During hot days air conditioning becomes the main companion of families. In companies, the device is almost mandatory.

The lack of cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning is one of the main responsible for the proliferation of respiratory diseases, allergies, irritations and spread of unpleasant odors in the environment.

To have an even cleaner, bacteria-free air conditioner, it is best to have AC cleaning services Dubai offered at Moltocare twice a year.


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