Tips And Care For Your Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioner at home, in the office, in the office or in the store is an indispensable comfort. Even more so in a tropical country like Dubai, where summer lasts almost all year. Properly regulated temperature provides better performance in the workplace and a more beneficial rest at home. These are the advantages of having a good AC cleaning.

But these points in favor can be nullified or reduced if the devices are not properly installed and used. This type of equipment has always been rated as a major consumer of electricity, but over the last few years manufacturers have improved them to consume less energy. In addition, there are still AC cleaning measures that can be taken by the users themselves so that the air conditioners use less electricity and have a longer service life. Know some of them:

Capacity x Size of the environment

The capacity of the appliance must be properly sized for the size of the room to be cooled. One way to do this is by consulting the amount of BTU (British Thermal Unit) needed for your environment by calculating the Thermal Load. Having the size of the room that will receive the device, you will quickly know the approximate value. With it in hand, and also with the measures of the place reserved for the equipment, the choice of the make and the model of the conditioner will be limited to aspects of beauty and functionality

Avoiding the sun

Another care that can be taken is to avoid direct contact with the sun, both the appliance and the environment. The incidence of sunlight increases room temperature and then the air conditioner will need to be used for longer to cool the room. Tempered glass and curtains can be installed to lessen the incidence of sunlight.

Changing lamps

Changing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents are also recommended. Firstly because incandescent bulbs produce more heat, which dissipates in the environment, than fluorescents, called cold lamps. Thus, the presence of these already considerably decreases the heat of the place, so it requires less of the air conditioning device, saving energy. In addition, the cold lamps themselves expend less electricity than incandescent, filament lamps.

Decoration care

Decorating can also help. Environments with cold, slate, and tile floors usually have milder temperatures than carpeting, rugs, and hardwood floors. One factor that people do not always notice is that if the decor of the property has carpet or rug, the cooling of the environment takes longer because this decoration increases the temperature of the place. On the other hand, real estate that has floors and tiles in the environment of the air conditioner accelerates the cooling.

Voltage of the appliance

It is also recommended to purchase equipment that operates on 220 Volt. Although the energy consumption is almost always the same, there is no overload of the electric grid of the property. The voltage at 200V is higher, so thinner cables are used for smaller current. 200V devices, because they use less current, do not interfere with the use of other devices.

Maintaining the appliance

Keeping doors and windows closed during use and periodically AC cleaning by professionals at Moltocare is also attitudes that favor the saving of electricity when the air conditioner is turned on and extend its life.

With all the tips at hand, it’s easy to choose the best air conditioner model that will provide pleasant rest times and less exhausting work hours!

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