The Importance of Air Conditioner Cleaning

It is mandatory to clean filters and air conditioning ducts at least once a year. It is recommended to hire qualified professionals for AC cleaning Dubai to perform the procedure correctly.

The air polluted with fungi and bacteria, causes several respiratory problems and could be avoided with the proper maintenance of the air conditioners. The same goes for your home, work, cars and other places that have air conditioners.

The contracted professionals need to be qualified in relevant field of work.

The professionals at Moltocare recommend that your appliance should be removed at least once a year for disassembly, cleaning and lubrication. In addition to preventing diseases of the respiratory tract, it still increases the useful life of your device. If there is no such care, the repair may outweigh the annual maintenance.

In environments with large circulation of people, such as business, cleaning of ducts and air needs to be done at least every six months.

Another factor to perform cleaning in the right time is that the appliance has its full operation and saves more energy. Among most affordable and competitive AC cleaning services, Moltocare offers these services at reasonable AC cleaning Dubai price.

Consequences of lack of maintenance

The lack of cleanliness causes fungi, dust, dust mites and bacteria to accumulate inside the air devices, and when turned on, all of these impurities spread through the air and enter the airways, causing several problems, including: Pneumonia, Rhinitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, etc.

In addition to cleaning, filters need to be replaced periodically.

Demand for air-conditioning maintenance increases in summer

The high temperatures motivate the customers to install or repair the appliances to give greater comfort at summer time of year.

The summer all over Dubai is considered the hottest throughout the world. And it is exactly in this period that the market in the area of installation and maintenance of air conditioners grow and increases up to 30% in relation to the other months of the year.

Moltocare professionals work with air conditioning maintenance and celebrate the increase in profits. “We live in a time of economic crisis, but the demand has not diminished, we are intensely active today,” they explain.

The demand for automotive, household, office air condition cleaning and maintenance is also great. The greatest search for our services is concentrated between the months of summer, when there increased activity by 30% in relation to other periods of the year. The people can no longer walk in cars without air conditioning.

Still according to the experts, using the air conditioning in the home is a good value for money. Making use of the cooling that the air condition offers, does not compromise the performance of the home, as you think. There is a smart system installed in the homes, which does not allow to lose its performance.

Beware of the intense cold inside

However, the experts also warn people who have a habit of using air conditioning on a daily basis, because if the environment is very cold, it can harm health. The colder it gets, the drier it gets, they explain, adding that this may aggravate respiratory problems.

With a contract of maintenance for your air conditioning at Moltocare, your equipment will receive periodic inspections to optimize the performance at affordable AC cleaning Dubai price, besides benefiting the occupants of the air conditioned environment, preventing them against diseases caused by harmful bacteria to the dirty environment.

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